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Next Generation 3.5 Inch COB LED Recessed Downlight


Energy Saving
Ultra energy-efficient, consumes
just one-fourth the energy.
Smooth Lighting Effect
Small aperturedownlight,
provides excellent shielding
and glare control.
High Cost Performance
One fixture offers multi-function
lighting for accent, task, or wall
wash applications.
A More Accurate Beam Angle
3 different beam angles to help
you achieve precision lighting
spot on in every way.
Extensive Application
Widely used for commercial and
residential applications.
Vertical Downlight Adjustable Downlight Wall Wash Downlight
The lamp is locked by screw inside
and offers vertical down lighting.
Round type can achieve 3 beam
angles without replacing any parts.
Allow for 358 degree rotation.
Vertical downlight used with
vertical reflector matched.
The lamp can be adjusted by
locking to different screw holes.
Allow for 358° rotation and 30° tilt.
Adjustable downlight used with
adjustable reflector matched.
High performance wall wash
with asymmetric distribution
providesuniform illumination.
Allow for 358 degree rotation.
Wall wash downlight used with
wall washing reflector matched.
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