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Liteharbor Running Man

The day before yesterday, all the staff of Business department and Market department in Liteharbor went to the Foshan Xianhu Resort.

In that cold and rainy day, our purpose is not to relax but to fulfill our commitment to run 20 kilometers. Because of the cold weather,it looks like a challenging activity and very tired day, but this does not affect our determination to honor the commitment.


Look! Our activities are officially started and our colleagues are full of energy!


We ran around the lake, the biting wind blows on the face, increased difficulty for running,but we're still holding on, Just like the flag of Liteharbor, fluttering in the wind.


After 3 hours of unremitting efforts, our colleagues are rushed to the end of the line, completed the activity of 20 km. This is really great and i proud of us!

This is the spirit of Liteharbor Lighting, dare to challenge, dare to promise and dare to fulfill. We are the running man of Liteharbor, we are a unite team!


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