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Liteharbor Copyright and Product Patent Protect

Recently, Liteharbor Lighting found and confirm that there is unscrupulous Company Unauthorized embezzled the product photographs、information and drawings from Liteharbor Lighting website. This company use lots of Liteharbor product photographs and information to promoting and misleading customers, its behaviors violate the business principles of good faith, Constitute the unfair competition.


After take the evidence, We confirm that this company embezzled Liteharbor photographs、infomation and drawings. The most products are LED retrofit downlight, LED recessed downlight, LED panel light.

Below are some of the product photographs.


Liteharbor Lighting Technology Co., Ltd have the copyright of above photographs and the products have patents, its rights should be protected by copyright law. This company use Liteharbor's copyright photographs and information to their official website without authority, this act violated the copyright of Liteharbor Lighting Seriously.


Now we ordered this company to off shelf these products within 7 days and stop all the infringing acts to Liteharbor, or we will investigate for legal responsibility and the commercial interests compensation according to law.


We hope our customers can identify the legitimate manufacturer, and contact Liteharbor Lighting to purchase the patented product.


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