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About RGB(W)

There are many different types of LEDs in today’s LED lights, especially these few years, is to have different LED's for each color, one red LED, one green LED, one blue LED, and sometimes also one white LED. This technique is mainly used in cheaper LED lights with either 5 or 10 mm LED. In the more expensive LED lights is 1 or 3-watt LEDs used instead.

RGB is still relatively uncommon and usually found on more expensive LED lights. In these cases it has three LED chips placed in the same housing which is then focused through the same lens. The most common is that three 1W chip is used since it is difficult to cool off higher power. In the up market fixtures you can also find 3W chip thus provides a 9W LED = very high light output.
This technique is also called 3-in-1 or 3in1.


As a further development of the RGB LED, it can now through advanced LED housing technique, also build in an additional color in the LED module, mostly warm white. Thus, you get a lot of nice colors. This technique is very rare and is found only in a few producers with high technological skills. Very few manufacturers of LED can deliver these LEDs. Furthermore, these LEDs are with either 8 to 10W, where the LED chip has an effect of either 2W each, or 2.5W each.
This technique is also called 4-in-one or 4in1.


1> Low price

2> Color changing and color mixes are very nice

3> No colored shadows if the optics are made in the correct way

1> Bad colors mix which usually appears at the edges where there could be different colored shadows
2> 5 or 10 mm LED's, will the light be poor

3> One more efficient heat sink

4> Difficult to get a really clean white color since it needs to be mixed up. The alternative is to have separate white LEDs.

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