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Why Pick An Adjustable Trim

Recessed Lights are great for subtly adding just the right amount of light to any room. But what if you need something a little more directional than, well, down? Adjustable downlights allow you to aim the lamp inside a recessed fixture directly at something.

Adjustable Recessed Lighting trims rotate, revolve or swivel their way to accent lighting nirvana. Check out our selection of adjustable trims below! We have Ceiling Light trims in all manner of sizes, light sources and maneuverability so you can create the adjustable Recessed Lighting solution that exactly suits your needs.

Many people find the stationary illumination of regular downlights limiting. If you want to highlight a decorative object with a typical recessed light, you actually have to put it directly below the light. But adjustable trims used as accent lighting make it possible to direct your light at any angle, so wall hangings, paintings, sculptures, etc. can be highlighted without needing to be moved. You can also use directional Recessed Lighting on your wall, ceiling or under cabinets for flexible task lighting.

Customer Lighting Project Spotlight

Some of our customers have used adjustable trims for picture lighting, and the results are fantastic! To see how a dark painting can suddenly become a well-lit work of art, we have created an animated image below to show you.


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