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Why Is This Small Aperture Recessed Downlight So Special

Why Is This Small Aperture Recessed downlight So Special?


There are so many recessed downlights in the world.
But why is this small aperture Recessed downlight so special?
What's different?


Small Aperture Recessed Downlight, COB LED Downlight


Special Advantages


Enriched Functions
One lamp can achieve 3 type different lighting effects.
Achieve different functions through screws and reflectors.


Without Replacing Parts
Provide unique high-low lamp positioning with the simple twist of a screwdriver.


High Energy-efficient
40W halogen performance, but at only 10-watts input, consumes just one-fourth the energy.





Small Aperture
3.5 inch small aperture recessed fixtures offer precision lighting.


Arbitrary Direction
All allow for 358 degree rotation.


Optional Appearance
Trimless is available.
Square appearance is optional.


Easy Replacement
Separable rotating reflector design makes it easy for replacement.


Easy Maintenance
Junction box and driver are located on opposite ends of the housing, with easy access for maintenance and installation.


Various Applications
Widely used for accent, task or wall wash applications.


Long Life Span
Recessed fixture can achieve 10-year super long life span.
LED light source can achieve 50,000 hours average rated life.


LED Light Engine

10W 15W 20W 25W


Beam Angle Optics
12° Spot, 24° Narrow Flood and 36° Flood


Emergency System
Emergency driver operates LED load of up to 7.0 Watts at a maximum rated current (270 mA) for a minimum of 90 minutes.


Approval Certification
ETL listed to US and Canadian standards.


So special this small aperture recessed downlight!
Do you like it?
Why not try to inquiry this new designed downlight for your custormers?
Maybe a new benefit market is waiting for your this shot.


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