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How Many Types of Luminaire Installation Ways Do You Know

How Many Types of Luminaire Installation Ways Do You Know?

Luminaires, or light fixtures, fall into six categories: recessed, ceiling-mounted, suspended, architectural, wall-mounted, and plug-in.


Architectural luminaires are integrated into the structure and are usually mounted horizontally on the wall, ceilings, or on cabinet tops. In general, they are used with linear fluorescent lamps.

Liteharbor Recessed Architectural LuminairesLiteharbor Architectural Recessed Luminaires


Ceiling-mounted luminaires attach directly to the ceiling or to a ceiling track.

Flush Mount LED Ceiling LightLiteharbor Recessed Troffer LED Ceiling LightLiteharbor LED Ceiling LightLiteharbor LED Track Light


Plug-in luminaires are portable fixtures that plug into an electrical outlet. They include table lamps, floor lamps, torchieres, desk lamps, undercabinet lighting, and night lights. These luminaires offer flexibility to the resident because they can be moved when furniture is rearranged, and they can be positioned close to critical tasks, such as reading and sewing.


Recessed luminaires
Recessed luminaires direct light downward or toward a wall. The light distribution pattern can be narrow or broad, intense or diffuse, and provide ambient light, wall washing, or accent lighting.

Liteharbor Recessed Downlight Recessed LuminariesLiteharor Recessed Lighting Recessed LuminairesLiteharbor Recesssed Mount Recessed LuminairesLiteharbor Slim Panel Recessed Luminaires


Suspended luminaires
Suspended luminaires hang from the ceiling by a rod, cord, or chain and include suspended downlights, uplights, uplights/downlights, ceiling fans, and chandeliers. Suspended luminaires are used for task lights, ambient lighting, or decoration.


Wall-mounted luminaires are mounted directly to a wall surface and are appropriate for rooms with low ceilings. They can provide direct, indirect, or diffuse lighting.

Liteharbro Wall Mount DoorplateLiteharbor Wall Sconce Light Half MoonLiteharbor Wall Sconce Light Square



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