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What Are The Advantages Of Flood Lights Compared To Spot Lights

What are the advantages of flood lights compared to spot lights?


The closest type of lighting fixture to flood light is spot light.


A flood light is different from a spot light in how wide the light throws when it exits the lamp. A spotlight usually has a reflector and lens assembly that concentrates the light into a narrow spot whereas a flood light spreads light everywhere.


Spot lights are also used indoor and outdoor, but in opposite to flood lights, they have much smaller and concentrated range of light. Spot lights are great for illuminating one spot, but cannot be used to illuminate a whole area.


High powered flood lights can provide close amount of light to daylight. For example, in some sports fields flood lights are arranged in such way that you have feeling that it’s actually bright outside. Flood lights also are being used as work lights. Miners use flood lights to shed light into dark passages and caves they work in. Battery operated flood lights are used as emergency lights in places, where it’s crucial to have permanent lighting source. Portable flood lights are also used by rescuers in disaster-prone areas, where other types of light sources are not available.


As you can see, the advantages and usage of flood lights are practically unlimited, which makes them one of the most popular lighting source from small houses to arenas and other large areas.


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