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About energy-saving spotlight

Energy saving spotlight is the LED spotlight which used LED as light source. The traditional spotlight adopts a halogen lamp, luminous efficiency is low, more power, increased by exposure to ambient temperature, short service life. LED are far superior in light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level of traditional lighting products. And the unidirectional LED luminous spotlight light distribution to form a perfect support.

Structure of energy-saving spotlight:

LED spotlight is mainly composed of a casing, spotlight beads, aluminum base plate, driving structure, concrete analysis is as follows:

LED spotlight shell: paint, plating two shell set comprises a spotlight cover, the spotlight cup, a base, aluminum plate, lens, screw for MR16, GU10, lotus shaped, beautiful, generous, good heat radiating performance

LED spotlight beads: the Hexapod RGB spotlight is special, red green blue: 40lm: 60lm: 15LM were treated with 350 mA current

LED spotlight driver:Universal input voltage (220V) constant current output, to ensure the safety of power factor of high power LED high, more than 0.98 above the isolation power supply isolation voltage 3000V over temperature protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection can drive all 3W LED (including red and yellow) the use of ceramic capacitors, long life design, up to 50000 hours high reliability of the whole spotlight through safety testing, isolation voltage up to 3750V, can pass the EMC test of small size 24mm*18mm, with China and the United States patent.

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