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OLED light bulb will replace incandescent

OLED light bulb will replace incandescent?!


How many incandescent light and fluorescent light in your house today? No talking LED light today, but move to OLED light bulb!

Incandescent light bulbs are no longer in production, but customers refrain from buying CFL light not only because the upfront investment is higher but also and in the first place because they miss the warm, colorfast light of incandescent bulbs. Many customers do not accept CFL lamps as an alternative for their poor light quality.


 A research team of the Braunschweig Technical University led by prof. Wolfgang Kowalsky succeeded in developing a production process for OLED luminaires that can be applied to three-dimensional glass objects. They modified existing coating techniques such that the lamp's vitreous body can be coated from the inside. This technique offers to advantages: In comparison to coating on flat surfaces, less material is required. And inside the light bulb, the OLED material is protected against oxygen and humidity. “This increased material usage efficiency and their superior light quality make OLED bulbs a fully adequate alternative to the classical incandescent bulb”, explained Kowalsky.


 The OLED bulb reproduces colors much better than CFL lamps or even halogen lamps. In addition, the new OLED bulb can easily be mounted onto a standard screw-in socket and thus be combined with existing lighting. The electric function of the OLED lamp has been tested successfully. However, neither the research team nor famous lighting brand company elaborated on any plans for commercial production, no organization take action yet.


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