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The Advantages of LED Downlight

LED downlight not only has the characteristics of basic lighting can also play a very good decorative effect, and it has gradually become an essential part of our life. But do you know its advantages?


The main advantages of LED downlight:

1. Energy-saving
This is the most important point, consumes 1/2 of the ordinary energy-saving lamps at the same brightness.


2. Environmental protection
Does not contain mercury and other environmentally harmful substances, will not cause damage to the environment


3. Long service life
Stable performance, the service life can reach more than 50000 hours, can reduce the replacement and maintenance costs in the future.


4. Color rendering
The color rendering index of LED is generally higher than that of traditional light source, can reach more than 80. 
And the color temperature can be in the range of 2700k to 6000k, it can also choose according to customer requirements.


5. Wide range of applications
Mainly used in office lighting, home lighting, shopping malls lighting, and so on, the development of space is very broad.


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