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How to Light Up Your Yard

How to light up your yard?

Have you ever wanted to stand out your house when festival coming or party time? You want to invite some friends to your house, but feel embarrassed for your dreary backyard? Today, Liteharbor will show your many yard lighting ideas and help you have backyard party time every day!

Firstly, choose what light your want to use in the yard, buy Landscape lights. You need to fix up all lights before you use it. You can light up what your want after you have all these lights flowing.

Lighting the Way
You can illuminate a garden walkway, deck, or patio to dramatic effect using a variety of landscape lighting options. Here, Mission-inspired lanterns on post mounts cast a soft glow over the adjacent stone path.

Off the Wall
You need some up down wall lights, a few wall sconces or wall pack for ordinary lighting, a few rgbw wall washer and LED strips for Christmas festival or party night. Of course, you also can add some beautiful and artistic lamps. Then, your yard will become more fascinating, your friends won’t leave until midnight. 

Some lights are Incognito
Deeply inside the trees, there are some “fire fly”? No, they look like the twinkle flowers! Oh, this is cattail garden accent lights.

Solar deck light and bricks
Solar-powered LED brick lights come in the form of flush-to-the-ground patio pavers—a great option for illuminating pathways. And the solar bollards line to welcome friends. Plus, they don’t add to your electric bill!

Tricked Out Trees
Illuminating landscape features creates an atmosphere that will make you want to live outdoors! Simple uplighting can highlight your trees without detracting from the beauty of the cool, dark night.


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