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knowledge news


Notes for home lighting designing

You now have a collection of tools (sources and fixtures) and techniques (ambient vs. task lighting, dimmers and switches, etc.) to work with, and you want to apply these to your home. On a room-by-room, space-by-space basis, answer the following questions to help think through the steps and prepare a sketch for each room.


Make some basic notes for each room.

1,What are the colours and finishes to be used?

2,What furniture will be added, and where?

3,What is the size, shape, and ceiling height?

4,What tasks will be carried out in the room?

5,What vertical surfaces can be washed with light to provide softer, diffuse overall light?


Does the room need lighting design, or is a simple utility fixture adequate?

Choose decorative fixtures that blend with the colours, finishes and architecture. Sometimes, there’s no other way to determine this, but to actually purchase one and place it in the space.

Add task lighting as required, referring to the list of tasks you made above. Make sure that the source does not shine directly in your eyes when working on the task. Be careful not to create reflected glare off shiny surfaces.

If there are pictures, art, antiques, or other objects worth accenting, add lighting in those locations. Again, visualize yourself walking through the space and make sure you can never look directly into the source. If the feature will be permanent, choose aimable Recessed Lighting. If a lot of flexibility is required, consider track light, rail or cable lighting.

Decide how to achieve at least some ambient light in the room, considering indirect or direct/indirect fixtures. This can be done through hidden coves, by locating lights above furniture or cupboards or with portable torchieres and fixtures.

Make sure each layer is controlled separately.
Visualize yourself walking through the room from every entry point to ensure the controls are comfortable and convenient for day-to-day use. Is aswitched floor or wall receptacle a good optioportable fixtures in this space?

More lighting knowledge news to be continued...


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