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Easy Design for Lighting Up Public Area of Your Home

Easy Design for Lighting Up Your Home – Public Area


This is Part One of Easy Home Lighting Design for Your Home Public Area.


Are certain rooms in your house too bright with the lights on? Too dark? Simply feeling drab? Each area of the home requires a different type of lighting to make the most of the space. While light is a form of decoration, it is also a necessity. Plan your lighting room by room or analyze the lighting you currently have, in order to ensure that the spaces in your home have the most effective lighting possible.



In the kitchen, food and conversation are in abundance, so the light should be, too. Overhead light fixtures such as track lights, pendant lights, or Recessed Lighting can provide bright light across this open area of your home.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, several lights are needed in this space. Lighting should be directed toward the sink, the stove, and the countertops where food is prepared most often. Depending on the light fixtures you have installed, go for energy-saving bulbs that don’t give off too much heat.

Kitchen Lighting- Dining Room Lighting- Hallway Lighting


Dining Area

The dining area typically has lighting that concentrates on just that--the dining area. track lighting or light fixtures with moveable parts will allow you to point the light directly toward the table. Otherwise, dining room lighting should be installed above the table itself. Lighting isn’t needed at the edges of the dining area, but instead should focus on the food and the attendees.



Hallways are the pathways to all areas of your home, meaning they should be lit adequately at all times. Light switches should be accessible at both ends of the hall and the lights should illuminate all areas. Trying to make your way down a dark hallway is never fun.

If light fixtures are installed in your hallway, make sure they aren’t hung too low, so that someone could walk into them. Overhead lighting is also an option, but can sometimes be a bit too bright. Space the lighting fixtures every 25 feet or so, to ensure that all areas are lit properly.


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