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Easy Design for Lighting Up Personal Area of Your Home

Easy Design for Lighting Up Your Home –Personal Area


This is Part Two of Easy Home Lighting Design for Your Personal Area.


Are certain rooms in your house too bright with the lights on? Too dark? Simply feeling drab? Each area of the home requires a different type of lighting to make the most of the space. While light is a form of decoration, it is also a necessity. Plan your lighting room by room or analyze the lighting you currently have, in order to ensure that the spaces in your home have the most effective lighting possible.



The atmosphere in the bedroom should be cozy and warm, and lighting plays a big role in this. Big, bright lights do not set the mood for a comfortable place to sleep. Small lamps on night stands or a dresser will do the trick, especially if you use low wattage bulbs, such as a 40 or 60-watt spiral bulbs, which not only save energy but give off a softer light than traditional, 150-watt light bulbs.

Any big, bright lights in the bedroom should not be used often, and these lights should be pointed away from the bed, if possible. A small light that gives off just enough light can create a relaxing bedroom space. Have a brighter reading light by the bed if you wish, but only use it when reading.

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Adequate lighting in your bathroom is a must, as this is where you get ready to go out into the world every day. Lighting positioned above the mirror is adequate, but sometimes this abundance of overhead light can be too bright, especially in the early mornings. Install a dimmer for your bathroom light switch, in the case that you want to lower or brighten the lights.

If your sink area is separate from your bathtub or shower, additional lighting will be needed in this area. This light is typically a recessive lamp in the ceiling, so that water only minimally impacts the light fixture. Heat lamp bulbs are great for keeping shower spaces cozy, especially in the winter; the bulb can be changed to a regular bulb in warmer months, if you so choose.



One of the brightest rooms in your house should be the office. Too many times, just a small lamp on the desk is all that can be found. An office is an area of writing, thinking, reading, and learning. Have at least one lighting fixture in the room to give off plenty of light, and an additional lamp whose light focuses directly on the desk. It’s like mother always used to say, “How can you read in the dark?” You can’t. Brighten things up.

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