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Differences Between CFL & CCFLs


Differences Between CFL & CCFLs


There are four main differences between CFL & CCFLs Lamp

First IS Hot VS Cold Cathodes.

CFL usually use the hot cathode which the temperatures can reach at or above 900 degrees Fahrenheit while the CCFLs use cathodes that do not require filaments to heat up which the temperatures only have 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


The second is the starting time and on/off cycling

CFL have 30 seconds delay time or more while CCFLs can start instantly, taking little to no time to reach full brightness. The process of heating up a CCFL is much quicker and it can handle 5 times more voltage so that make CCFLs ideal for use in flashing signs and residential applications where lights are often switched on and off.


The third is Dimming

Since the CFL need high temperature to reach full brightness so the ballast need to receive less voltage. This will also reduce the temperature of the cathodes and cause CFLs to have limited dimming capabilities.  Dimmable CCFLs require much less heat to produce visible light and can be dimmed to as low as 5 percent of their original light output. Traditional CFLs, although improving, typically can only be dimmed to about 20 percent.


The last is the Life Span

The life span of CFLs can vary from 8,000 to 15,000 hours while CCFLs can 25000 hours.


Need a bulb can withstand cold weather, frequent on and off cycling, flexible dimming capabilities choose CCFLs, but CCFLs offer in lower watts and do not have lumen outputs equivalent to 150W household incandescent bulb.

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