2 Hours Fire Rated LED Downlights- Liteharbor
2 Hours Fire Rated LED Downlights- Liteharbor

Liteharbor’s fire rated recessed downlights can close off the ceiling cutout hole and slow down the spread of fire in the event of a fire, compared to traditional downlights. They effectively block the hole cut into the ceiling.

Fire rated adjustable dimmable downlights
Led fire rated downlights – dimmable

On each downlight they have an Fireproof Cotton is activated at temperatures above 190℃ and unidirectional expansion the 5 times soon, to prevent fire and smoke spread to other parts of the building, and ultimately slow the spread of fire. Different fire rated downlights have different fire rated times, varying for 30,60,90 and 120 minutes.

Square fire rated downlights
Fire rated downlights building regulations

It is very easy to install fire rated LED downlights. There is no particular difference from installing standard recessed downlights. Just cut suitable size of holes as specified by manufacturers on the ceiling and put downlights into. 

Fire rated led downlights
Fire rated led downlight

● PoE smart home solutions, LOW VOLTAGE adopt RJ45 Interface.Just a Cat cable to supply power and networking to all devices,PLUG & PLAY ,QUICK and EASY to Installation.
 ●A constant voltage driver delivers Ideal for parallel wiring, often easier to install, available compatible with a range of dimming protocols, such as DALI, DMX, 0~10V, mains dimming.
●Up to 100lm/W, total 900lm delivered lumens,Light efficiency is 20% higher than other common products.
● Available in all North America standard 4″ round openings.
● Outer Diameter 130mm (5.11 inches),the wider version of the outer ring can covers the traces of the old fixture.
● Retrofit or New Construction suitable for a variety of lighting projects
● 1/2″ Thin – Install Directly Under Joists, Maximum Layout Flexibility.
● Comes with Junction Box & Driver,No Housing Required.
●One by one driver LED quick connector provided pulling resistant and water-proof designs, FT4/FT6 cable optional.
● 3CCT range changeablen,3000K, 4000K and 5000K ,
5CCT range changeablen,3000K, 3500K,4000K,4500K and 5000K, convenient inventory and cost savings.
● No Flickering, noise or RF interference
● Robust, durable and lightweight.
● Easy to install to suspended ceiling grids
● Anti-glare,No UV, IR or Mercury

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