led recessed downlight

led recessed downlight
3 Reasons you should using LED recessed multiples

Pull-Down adjustable LED multiple lighting system offers the ultimate in flexibility. Each LED module can be left in the housing and be adjusted or can be pulled down partially or completely to gain full adjustability in aiming the fixture. Each module produces 2100 lumens at 90+CRI in 3000K, 3500K, or…

3.5″ RGBW+ White LED Recessed Light

Recessed lighting is a practical and stylish way to illuminate spaces and areas requiring accent or task lighting. Smart recessed lighting fixture has three components that defines it: housing, trim style, and bulb type. Liteharbor’s recessed lights are bright, energy efficient, and attractively styled, making them perfect for virtually any residential or…

LED Downlights For Your House!

LED downlights are essentially spotlights that are recessed into a ceiling, offering a bright directional light. As the fitting is set back into the surface of the ceiling, it is much more unobtrusive than traditional spotlights and can finish any room stylishly. Once installed, all you would see of the…

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