Bath Select Luxury Style Modern White LED Bathroom Mirrors
Bath Select Luxury Style Modern White LED Bathroom Mirrors

Smart LED Bathroom Mirrors is rated at 5000 Kelvin which translates to a noon sunny day in your home, The energy saving LED light emanates from behind the mirror through frosted glass for a soft glow. The Open Back Chassis Design offers Flexibility for variance in outlet placement. This category of lighting can actually energize people, making it the ideal choice for any home or office. Multiple screw holes spaced evenly apart on the back of the LED body creates Versatile hanging options to help you secure your LED to wall studs.

Liteharbor Luxury Style White Mirror Specifications:
Type: Bathroom Mirrors
Product Type: US Standard
Color: Silver Glass
Style: Contemporary
Shape: Large Rectangle
LED Light: 5000 Kelvin
Feature: Outlet Cable with 3-Prong US Plug
Glass: 13/64″ 5 MM Thick Silvered Glass
Touch Control: Yes
Color Temperature: 5000 Kelvin LED Strip
Mirror Style: Multi-Purpose Make Up
Purpose: Make-Up, Home, Hotels,Restaurants, Mall
Package Included: Mirror

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