What should be pay attention to when choose the lighted mirrors?
What should be pay attention to when choose the lighted mirrors?

To get the best lighted mirrors, we have sort out the following four aspects to help you buy more efficiently.

1. Check quality as soon as package received.

Mirror is fragile and it’s quite easy to broke during the transportation. Since these lighted mirrors are mainly produced in China, to send to your door, they will take a long journey to around the world warehouse and then deliver to your place, which increases the risk of getting broken.

Therefore, check the package as soon as you receive it. If the box is in good condition, open the box and check the mirror status. If you’re in bad luck and find the mirror is broke, contact the seller to ask for a return or refund.

2. What is the dimension of the mirror?

The product images shown on the site are beautiful and look just in the perfect size, this is the first impression that most people have. However, lots of customers complain that it’s actually smaller than the product picture when they really saw it (also some said it’s a little bigger than their expectation).

Therefore, check the mirror dimension on the description page before paying, and it’s better to do the measurement to feel the actual size of it. In this way, you know what you’re buying and you get the best lighted mirrors that suitable for your home. 

3. Are the light strip replaceable?

Although LEDs are supposed to last 50,0o0 hours or even longer, while in reality, it’s inevitable to see that a part of led lights are not working after used for a while. Since the mirrors are with light integrated together, if the light is dead, you will have to give up the whole one.

Hence, if the led light strip are replaceable, you can do the maintenance easily. The mirror can continue to serve its purpose and you can have it for a very long time.

4. Suitable color temperature.

It’s a known fact that natural light is best. No lights can give you a more accurate glimpse and high color rendering than light from the sun. So if you’re near a window, take advantage of the natural light.

But when it comes to artificial lighting, cool light that is similar to daylight, which has been considered to be perfect for makeup lighting. Our mirror lights offer 3 CCT dimming,so you can choose the most suitable light according to your environment.

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