Office Lighting Solution
Office Lighting Solution

According to the special needs of your project, we offer you on appropriate luminaires, lamps, LED Modules and Light Management Systems solutions.

Creating the right working light instantly offers benefits for companies in every sector and of every size. Lighting solutions that are well designed ergonomically enhance your employees’ concentration. Modern lighting concepts additionally ensure greater energy efficiency and reduce costs. More than one good reason to give sustainable lighting concepts the green light.

Lighting office buildings appears at first glance to be a mere matter of course. On closer observation, however, there are a variety of different requirements and scenarios that have to be taken into account. Different solutions are needed depending on the architecture, usage and area size. The scale of the scenarios is especially significant in this context

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Types of Fixtures for Office Lighting

Office lighting is about more than seeing the papers on your desk—it can be the difference between a sluggish staff and an invigorating workplace environment. Therefore, office lights need to meet a few requirements to be a success. From effective illumination for work tasks to energy efficiency to help lower utility costs, there are many factors to consider for this area of lighting. Let’s look at a few different types of office lights.

  • Suspended Office Lights
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Panel LED Lights

Simple Suspended Office Lights

Open ceilings enable more creativity for designers and an inviting atmosphere to tenants. Particularly in the Class A office in major metropolitans, the percentage of open environments enabling suspended luminaires is now more of the norm than the exception.

Outside of all the typical LED ‘value-prop’ benefits, suspended luminaires provide a great way for clients to add value to their workspace and their brand above and beyond a space illuminated with recessed troffers or downlights .

Continuous linear applications take luminaire brightness and evenly distribute along a continuous row, eliminating any concentrated glare that you may get with recessed downlights, high-bays and troffers. The value is in the look and feel of the space—walls and ceilings are luminous, and spaces visually feel larger.

Find the right solutions for your projects.

Modern Track Lighting

Track lighting has long been a popular choice for restaurants, offices, stores, window displays, and spaces of all kinds where recessed ceiling lighting can’t be installed. It’s versatile, able to be used as either accent or task lighting, and easily adjustable, allowing lighting to keep up with changing displays and space layouts. It can also lend a dramatic air or blend into the background.

Track lighting has also long relied on halogen or incandescent bulbs. These lamps run hot, burn out fast, and use a lot of energy along the way. Modern track light heads offer a significantly improved option: LED technology.

Trend Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights, also known as downlights or can lights, are a type of lighting fixture installed into the ceiling or wall. They are designed to sit flush with the surface for a sleek and polished finish and are the most common light fixture used in home offices. This is not a coincidence but rather a reflection of the reasons why recessed lighting is so beneficial in office spaces.

3.5 inch LED recessed fixtures with round or square apertures offer energy-efficient, precision lighting for accent, task, or wall wash applications.
This type LED luminaire approximates the performance of 50W halogen, but at only 12-watts input, consumes just one-fourth the energy.
A feature enriched, small aperture downlight, the innovative design allows the LED to be positioned closer to the aperture for maximum light output and efficiency or higher to minimize glare and flash on the trim.

Contracted Panel LED Lights

office settings can impact the decisions we make, our moods and abilities to concentrate, and our stress levels. LED lighting, however, can boost moods, reduce stress levels, and influence the effectiveness and efficiency of employees at work. Here’s why LED flat panel ceiling lights are the best option for office spaces.

LED panel light is a kind of top grape indoor lighting product which is composed of a number of high-brightness LEDs. Its unique structure design, side view emitting, uniform plane emitting effect which is formed after the light go through the high-transmittance LGP and diffusion plate, good illumination uniformity and soft light which is comfortable but bright, can relief eye fatigue effectively, and prevent radiation. It will not stimulate the skin of pregnant women, elders and children. The lamp design is simple, beautiful and luxurious. It not only has good lighting effects, but also brings a feeling of beauty. It is a new, top grade, and fashionable indoor lighting luminaire.

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