Parking Lot Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting
Parking Lighting

Ever been in a parking lot that’s poorly illuminated when it’s dark? How did it make you feel? A parking lot that is dark or poorly lit makes people feel afraid and insecure. It also makes it easy for innocent individuals to become victims of unfortunate circumstances. When a parking lot isn’t well illuminated, a customer might feel its unsafe to park around such vicinity and refuse to shop in such an environment. A place of business that’s well-lit gives the customer the impression that they are open for business and that they are welcome.

Uniform illumination of car parks and parking spaces gives users a sense of personal safety right from the start – both on arrival and departure. Illuminating shaded areas also aids orientation and helps avoid accidents.

Liteharbor offers a variety of application-specific solutions as well as maximum efficiency for companies and operators of car parks and basement garages: sensor-controlled light management systems ensure standard lighting in accordance with the external conditions, such as time of day or weather for example. Zonal control allows operating costs to be reduced further based on presence and motion control.

Car Parking Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting Can Protecting Pedestrians

Installing lighting into a parking lot also improves the safety of on goers and pedestrians. While a dark parking lot can be a perfect lurking spot for criminals and thieves, a well lit up area creates a safer environment for passers-by and local pedestrians.

Parking lot lighting also creates a safer environment for employees who might be working late or leaving their car in the parking lot. It gets dark early in winter and fall, which means staff who might be walking to their car on their way home are far more likely to get robbed than if the area was completely illuminated.
It is also a safety precaution in terms of driving in the pitch black darkness, as pulling out of a parking space is a lot harder in this case. To prevent any unnecessary accidents, installing parking lot lighting can help.

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