Downlights, when well-placed and installed, can be a fuss-free and a space saving lighting option. They are best either for general ambient lighting or for task lighting.


1.Determining The Required Number Of Downlights

When installing, you have to consider how large the room is first so you can determine how many downlights you are going to need. Compute the area of the ceiling in square foot by multiplying its length and width. Multiply the result with 1.5 and this will give you the total wattage required for the whole space.

To know how many bulbs of specific wattage that you have to utilize to illuminate the room more efficiently, divide the total wattage requirement by the specified wattage of the bulb you prefer to use.

2.Downlights Against The Ceiling Height

The downlights produce light that is focused downward into the floor. For a tall ceiling, you don’t have to increase the number of your downlights but rather the wattage for every light instead.

3.Downlights Spacing

As a starting point, placing the downlight 2 feet away from the wall is ideal. Remember to avoid creating shadows, thus, spacing the downlights across the entire room evenly. You can divide the ceiling height into two and make this space you follow between each downlight.

There are various factors you can consider in choosing the downlight that will work best for your room. Downlights that have dimming features can also be a really smart choice to allow you to play along with the mood of your room.

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