Surface Mounted Lighting for Living Room
Surface Mounted Lighting for Living Room
Surface Light

Surface-mounted spotlights are exactly as the name states, there is no need for cut-out holes or taking the type of ceiling you have into account, you simply mount it on your ceiling. They are usually flush to the ceiling allowing it to easily be fitted with ease and many come in different shapes and colours.

The Liteharbor spotlight is a perfect example, it comes in popular neutral colours such as black and grey, it is the ideal spotlight to be used for both indoors or outdoors. So great to have many of them together in your living room or outside in your decking or terrace area for a functional and atmospheric finish.

LED Surface Downlights are one of the most popular products we offer as they are used in a wide range of projects ranging from residential to commercial. LED Surface Downlights can powerfully illuminate a room and upgrade its ambiance. They give a hidden look compared to other lighting since they are often flush in the ceiling. In fact, our LED downlights offer the unique ability to cast light that seems as if it’s coming directly from the ceiling. As a result, using surface downlights helps optimize your lighting design, adding sleekness, modernity, and saving space.

About this item

  • Light color: warm white(3000K),100 * 100mm,10W, light looks very comfortable.
  • Voltage: 120V-277V., Material: Aluminum.
  • This spotlight is made of aluminum, surface is treated by sandblasting process, and the paint is strong and wear-resistant. High light transmission polyester convex lens to reduce light loss.
  • Wide range of application such as showcase, shop display, hotels, restaurants home and other indoor decorative lighting.Simple installation, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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