Super September Competition Had Started
Super September Competition Had Started

I guess you’ve all heard of Ali’s September Procurement Festival, now Liteharbor Lighting are participating inAlibaba’September Purchasing Competition’

What you will get from this Competition?
Level 1. Order 40,000 USD can Get Flyer Page Free Design 10 Times and 30p Electronic Catqlogue.
Level 2. Order 6,0000 USD can Get Free 10 sets of Samll and Medium Size Dispply Shelf.
Level 3. Order 100,000 USD can Get Free Construction of A Marketing Website and Maintenance for Half A Year.
Level 4. Order 200,000 USD can Get The Above Services Are Provided Free of Charge + Design A POE Products for Free.

What the hot sales we have?

Option A:   3CCT LED Mutiple Downlight

Option B    3CCT LED Liner Wrap Light

Option C    3CCT LED Eyeball Downlight
Option D    3CCT LED Panel Light

The Competition runs from September 1st-30th, We will appreciate and elect one client to be our “Super September Diamond Client  ” and award our Super Secrate Mystery Prize.
let’s win this competition together!!!

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