Silver foil & Back-Lit LED Mirrors | Liteharbor Mirrors
Silver foil & Back-Lit LED Mirrors | Liteharbor Mirrors

Liteharbor Mirrors provides a bathroom lighting solution. Whether you want your bathroom to stand out or prefer side-lit and back-lit mirrors Here’s why side-lit and back-lit mirrors might be the glow your bathroom needs.

Back-lit and side mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms. Back-lit mirrors have the light behind the mirror & the lighting comes out the face of the mirror through the frosting. Side-lit mirrors have the lighting on the outside of the pan where illumination is t the edge of the mirror.  The light shines on the sides, highlighting the perimeter of the mirror. The subtle yet sufficient light makes it easier to shave, apply make-up, and everything else in front of a well-lit reflection.

If you have been thinking of revamping your bathroom space, side-lit and back-lit mirrors are an easy way to accomplish this. There are many ways you can modify your bathroom to look elegant. Here are some of the advantages of side-lit and back-lit mirrors.

  • A backlit mirror works double duty especially for smaller spaces. Hanging pendants take up valuable reflection space, and the light reflecting in the mirror can be distracting. Backlit mirrors offer superior light coverage while maintaining space efficiency.
  • An even amount of light is emitted on you, with no shadows cast on your face – making it perfect for tasks like applying make up, shaving and any type of grooming.
  • Backlit mirrors are much more energy efficient, as LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent lightbulbs.
  • A backlit mirror emits a soft, even glow – creating a calming modern ambiance .
  • To put it simply – backlit mirrors make you look good, and when you look good, you feel good. 
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