Office POE Lighting LED Linear Lighting-Liteharbor
Office POE Lighting LED Linear Lighting-Liteharbor
POE Linear Light

LED Linear lighting office lighting has swiftly become the most popular and trendy solution for lighting modern commercial spaces, as it is a simple yet highly effective concept that is aesthetically attractive as well as very energy efficient

Available in standard sizes 4’ linkable and custom lengths down to 4’, 8’,12’ and 16’ , the Liteharbor LED linear product lines share much in common. One is exceptional quality. High efficiency and matching aperture sizes are two more examples.

Delivering a pleasing light with superior beam control,Navigalinear series are available from 6.25-watt to 13.75-watt per foot and offer high output with up to 1053 lumens per foot. Each also provides a significant efficacy at 78 lumens per watt.

Warm and cool lighting temperatures—from 2700K to the industry standard of 3500K and up to 6000K—are offered, as is Color Selection.

Navigalinear family of matching aperture LED linears pair seamlessly together to give you more fantastic design linear lighting flexibility and greater creative freedom. Together, they save you time, expenses and unneeded custom ceiling work, among other advantages.

PoE technology can be integrated into many of Liteharbor’s lighting solutions and product families including architectural recessed lighting, linear lighting, architectural downlights, residential downlights and pendants light.

For nodes, we always aim for complete integration, but when space is limited, we look for a remote solution that doesn’t compromise the design aesthetic.

PoE technology is also applied to the Navigalinear series, which adds an integrated control option to the project’s solution.

Liteharbor PoE solution with single/double ethernet interface“One in” or “One in One out”design. It’s provides RJ45 wiring system suitable for CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, CAT8 Ethernet Cable with UL listed . PoE technology sends 10/45 Gbps of data and 30W, 60W up to 90W of power budget to devices over Cat7 and Cat8 Ethernet cables for a maximum distance of 100m.

Navigalinear is a series of distinctive and elegantly scaled rectangular pendants ideal for spaces such as conference rooms, executive offices, break rooms, cafeterias, vestibules and lobbies. 

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