6 Steps To Install A Ceiling Light
6 Steps To Install A Ceiling Light

How to install a flush mount ceiling light?

Actually,ceilinglight installation is not as complicated as you think,just follow some simple steps, you will do well for it. Below is specially designed an extremely simple and patented installation method for ceiling light.

6 steps to teach you to install ceiling lights

How to install ceiling lights

Step 1

Remove the installation bracket from the back of the fixture.

Ceiling lights for kitchen flush mount

Step 2

Attach the bracket to junction box using the 2 screws(provided)-pull the AC cable through the bracket center hole.

Suface mount ceiling light

Step 3

When ready to make the wire connections,first install the Safety Installation Cable from light fxture by pushing into the”key hole”in bracket.

Ceiling lights modern kitchen

Step 4

Make the wire connections Quick connector also available.

Ceiling lights modern farmhouse

Step 5

Push and feed all wires up into Junction Box as you raise the fixture up into place.

Ceiling lights flush mount

Step 6

Align slots on the edge of fixture with the ball bearings on the mounting bracket and PUSH to lock fixture in place.

Ceiling lights for bedroom ideas

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