2023 LED Slim Panel Manufacturer Direct, Limited-Time Special Offer!
2023 LED Slim Panel Manufacturer Direct, Limited-Time Special Offer!

As a leading LED Slim Panel manufacturer, we bring you an specil offers that will ensure you enjoy an exceptional lighting experience.

  1. 【5 Temperature Selectable】 Before install into your ceiling,our canless led recessed light 4 inch offer you the option of choosing your color temperature,Just a click on inside the box, 3000K(warm white) 、4000K(cool white) and 5000K(daylight) can select,convenient inventory and cost savings and avoid the hassle of returning or replacing products due to inappropriate color temperature.
  2. 【LED Quick Connector】Provided pulling resistant and water-proof designs.
  3. 【Efficient Lighting】The ultra-thin downlights use the world’s leading LED chips with higher lumens and lower power. Only consumes 9 Watts while providing you 900lm of high brightness,which equals to 75W incandescent lamp, saving you up to 89% in energy costs.
  4. 【Wide Application】This dimmable 4″ ceiling light is compatible with most dimmers,smooth dimming and no flicker in range of 5%-100%.It is a perfect fit for multiple indoor retrofits, including damp places.You are sure to find a use for this light in bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallways, doorways, basement,outside soffits etc.
  5. 【Easy to Install】Cut a hole in ceiling, then connect the included Junction Box to the light using male/female cable and use spring clip to fix it on the ceiling finally. The retrofit led recessed lighting fits various ceilings and joists,easy to clean and led can lights is no longer your choice.
  6. 【Iron Frame】 LED slim panels with an iron frame typically have a thin, lightweight frame made of iron or iron alloy. The frame serves as a sturdy structure that holds the LED components, diffuser, and other internal components securely in place.
  7. 【Iron Backing】 The iron backing refers to the panel’s rear surface, which is typically made of iron or iron-based material. This backing provides additional support and stability to the panel, ensuring it remains flat and rigid. It also helps dissipate heat generated by the LEDs, contributing to the overall thermal management of the panel.
  8. 【Durability】 Iron is known for its strength and durability, making it a suitable material choice for LED slim panels. The iron frame and backing provide protection against physical impacts and ensure the panel can withstand daily handling, transportation, and installation.
  9. 【Heat Dissipation】 Iron has good thermal conductivity, meaning it can effectively transfer heat away from the LED components. This helps prevent overheating and ensures the LEDs operate within their optimal temperature range, ultimately contributing to the longevity and performance of the panel.
  10. 【Corrosion Resistance】 Iron used in LED slim panels is usually treated or coated to enhance its corrosion resistance. This protective coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, extending the lifespan of the panel and maintaining its aesthetic appearance.
  11. Special Sale Offers, Unleash the Excitement:
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