Modern Popular Round 9w 12w Dimmable 5CCT Fire Rated Led Panel Light
Modern Popular Round 9w 12w Dimmable 5CCT Fire Rated Led Panel Light

Liteharbor’s fire rated recessed downlights can close off the ceiling cutout hole and slow down the spread of fire in the event of a fire,compared to traditional downlights. They effectively block the hole cut into the ceiling.The quality of our products is guaranteed, support OEM and ODM solution services,welcome to come to consult.

Product Guarantee For Fire Panel Light
1.Liteharbor Lighting Manufacturer Supplies with 19 Years LED Lighting Fixture Manufacturing Experience.
2.Support OEM and ODM Solution Services.
3.Only Support Brands, Wholesalers and Distributors.
4.Free Sample boxes are available.
Product Description About LED Fire Panel Light
1.Liteharbor The PRISA Fire Rated series passed fire rated in UL 263 tested comes with a Certified 2-Hour Fire Rating back plate which provides a reinforced and heat resistant casing for up to 2 hours of protection .
2.This unique design and technology has been patented and offers an affordable solution in applications.
3.This LED is 12 watts and replaces a 74 watt halogen Save up to 80%
energy for same light output.
4.The thin fire rated panel profile with spring clips allows for quick and easy installation.
5.Ideal for confined spaces and suitable for damp locations.
6.It features a selectable color temperature feature located on the back of the
light unit.
7.With a simple flick of the switch, the user has the choice of 5 color temperatures.
8.For ease of color selection, the switch is located on the light unit instead of the junction box and still allows the unit to slip under a joist application.
Design Issues To Consider For Fire Panel Lights
1.For the design of this product, it can be said that it is an important part of the interior design, considering the soul of the more visual scheme.
2.It not only provides basic lighting functions, but also takes into account the safety of the building and the interior to provide protection, improve the texture of the space, create an environmental atmosphere.
3.The shape design is also an important reason for the hot sale of fireproof panel lights. Because it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of this decorative monomer, designers often design it into some decorative lighting, highlighting the illuminated object or person, presenting the space decoration style and the owner’s aesthetic taste.
4.From the embedded aspect, the appearance of the fire panel lamp can be reflected, and the surface installation can highlight its simplicity.
5.At the same time, through its characteristics can be known, security is also full.
Different Types Of Fire Panel Light
About this LED fire panel light, our manufacturers can produce a variety of sizes, color, color temperature, light efficiency, color rendering index, protection index, model and other different products of this series. At the same time, we can also customize different styles of products for you in different scenes, such as what type of fireproof panel lights are needed in the office or in the indoor home, we will customize this product for you according to your requirements.
Latest Development Trend About Fire Panel Light
With the progress of science and technology, development, and human yearning for life, the development trend of this lamp is rising, as well as human yearning for intelligent life, through the continuous efforts of the lighting industry, intelligent lighting has made great progress in these five years, and finally gradually broke through the bottleneck in 2021, becoming a new huge growth point. Today in 2023 has reached the point of “no intelligent lighting”. This product is like the development of incandescent lamps into energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps into LED lighting, is an important watershed in the development of the industry, is another important milestone.

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