4Inch 5CCT Prisa Fire Rated Series Fixture Ultra-Thin LED FIRE Rated Downlight Strong Protection Ability Recessed Simply Mounted
4Inch 5CCT Prisa Fire Rated Series Fixture Ultra-Thin LED FIRE Rated Downlight Strong Protection Ability Recessed Simply Mounted


What do you know about our fireproof range of panel lights?

Whether it is a 4inch round size,or a 6inch round size.Whether it is a 4inch square size,or a 6inch square size.Whether it is a conventional fireproof panel light or an economical ultra thin fireproof panel light.Whether it is individually customized fireproof panel lights,or matched with customized panel lights and fireproof panel light accessories.As long as there is a style you want,Liteharbor will help you customize it in bulk.

The use of fireproof lamps provides an excellent solution for residential and commercial luminaire use.

1.How does the fire panel light stop the spread of the fire?
Unlike traditional panel lights, Liteharbor’s recessed panel lights automatically sense when a fire breaks out and close the openings in the ceiling, effectively slowing the spread of the fire.
2.Fire panel light unique design
.The design of the fireproof panel lamp is an important and extremely special part of the design of indoor lamps, and more importantly, the design is beautiful considering the visual aspect.
.Fire panel lights not only provide basic lighting functions, but also take into account the need to provide protection for the safety of buildings and indoor, vigorously improve the texture of the space, and create a safe environmental atmosphere.
.The shape design of the fire panel light may be an important reason for the sale. Because to highlight the unique characteristics of this decorative lighting, designers often design it into some decorative lighting, so as to take out the object or person being photographed, presenting the space decoration style and the owner’s aesthetic taste.
.From the embedded installation, this installation method can reflect the unique shape of the fire panel light, and the surface installation can highlight its simplicity.
.At the same time, through its characteristics, we can know that the safety of the fire panel lamp is also sufficient.
3.The development prospect of fireproof panel lamp
With the progress and development of science and technology, as well as human yearning for intelligent life, the development trend of fireproof panel lights in our industry is rising step by step. Through the continuous efforts of the lighting industry, intelligent lighting has made great progress in the past five years, and finally gradually broke through the bottleneck in 2021, forming a new huge growth point. Now 2023 has reached the point where “smart lighting is everywhere.” This series of products, like the development from incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps to LED lights, is an important watershed in the development of the lighting industry, is another important milestone!

4inch Fire Rated Concave Slim Panel Light

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