Unique Design &Technology For Fireproof Panel Lights
Unique Design &Technology For Fireproof Panel Lights

FIRE RATED PANEL LIGHT:High efficiency to save power and produce higher lumens

When we buy a product, we usually consider some of its shape design, internal performance, price rationality, service life and other factors.

However, our fireproof series products have been selling well, which will allow us to reduce some of the above concerns when buying luminaire.

Shape Design

Among the panel lights of the fireproof series, the most representative is that its bottom position is red, which shows its uniqueness, and the top of the panel is no difference from the ordinary panel light, which is white, which shows its universality.

In terms of size, the general fire panel lights will have four inches and six inches. These two sizes are not far apart, it is up to individuals to choose the right size.

The lamps in the fireproof panel series contain many types, and the appearance of different types of panel lights is not the same. Some are like a cute mini hat, some are like a small flying saucer, and some are like a round cake. Of course, it’s not just round, but we also have square shapes.

Internal Performance

With a fire resistant time of more than 2 hours and relying only on very small gaps to meet and exceed strict fire safety specifications, the recessed mounted style LED panel lights are especially suitable for narrow and narrow Spaces. Fireproof series lamps are generally 9 watts, it can be said to replace the 45 watt halogen lamp, the light output is unchanged, its energy saving degree is as high as 80% or more. The light tube design of the fire panel has a thin plate profile with a spring clamp, which is convenient and quick to install.

Price Rationality

When we heard that the function of this lamp is so powerful, the heart will issue some doubts: its price will be very expensive? The answer is: No. It is the price of ordinary lamps on the market, and it will not be sold very expensive because of its uniqueness. And, if we order too much, we will also offer more offers and discounts.

Service Life

An important factor to consider when we buy lamps is the service life of the product.

Our fire protection products are generally used for more than 30,000 hours.There is also sufficient guarantee in quality, safety is also high, and it can be used safely in a closed and humid environment, and there is no need to worry about working hours.

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