Some previews about the spring Hong Kong International Lighting Fair
Some previews about the spring Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Dear members of the public, the twice a year of HongKong International Lighting Fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 6 to April 9, 2024.

Before that, I would like to list our Liteharbor hot products and the recent launch of new products, they are the following five series: fire panel light, Shade Aim,X-light, grille light and new Takeon! When you hear these products have such interesting names, will you be interested in them?

We welcome you to visit our factory, which is a manufacturer focused on the North American market. OEM.ODM. If you come over, we will show you all the products you are interested in!

In addition, to everyone’s surprise, during the Hong Kong International Lighting Show, our excellent export sales staff will broadcast live on Alibaba platform, Tiktok and Youtude platform every day on time. The content of the live broadcast will give you an in-depth introduction to our several series of products, so that you have an understanding of this. Looking forward to your joining!

The address of our factory is No.3-8 Fengtai Road,Danzao,Nanhai Foshan City China.

Contact number: 13620811065

Company Website:

Email Address:

Preview of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

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