LED linear lighting for commercial
LED linear lighting for commercial

Whether it’s a house or an office space, every indoor space requires sufficient lighting. Back in the day, providing light to big commercial spaces, or long corridors, used to be very tricky, and expensive. All of this changed with the development of LED lights that can give you the same amount of light at a much lower price. Plus, their versatility makes it really easy to find a use for them in any project. Among the most interesting and popular LED lighting solutions are LED linear lights.

LED Linear lighting office lighting has swiftly become the most popular and trendy solution for lighting modern commercial spaces, as it is a simple yet highly effective concept that is aesthetically attractive as well as very energy efficient. LED linear lighting LED Linear Lighting essentially consist of a few key elements. Firstly, the housing, this is the aluminium profile in which the other elements of the light sit. This is made from aluminium mined from an element called bauxite, which once extracted is molten and extruded through a mould to form the correct profile size and shape. Synergy’s quality assurance at this stage is critical – the profile must be perfect to create the finished fitting of the high standard that Synergy’s clients insist on. This housing this then powder coated to the finished colour – this can be standard or a bespoke RAL colour of your choice.


– Simple elegant linear fixture suitable for high end offices, lounges, retail space and showrooms.

– Invisible LED source, produces high quality illumination with CRI>80/90.

– Integrated 0-10V or SCR dim driver for even greater energy saving.

– Simple pendant installation with aircraft cable.

– Adaptable hardware convert individual fixtures to linkable light for continuous run.

– High-quality optical design, lights upward for unique ambient lighting,and effcient down light for task lighting.

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