PoE Lighting-Power over Ethernet Solution Liteharbor Manufacturer
PoE Lighting-Power over Ethernet Solution Liteharbor Manufacturer
  • What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet(PoE) is a standard for passing electrical power and data through a network cable, thus eliminating the need for a separate power supply and AC outlet to power connected devices.

— Since 2003, it has been used in devices, such as cameras and phones. In 2018, however, the technology advanced to allow for a more substantial wattage load (90W), making it an increasingly appealing and beneficial option for entire building systems, including lighting.

The digital age has led to the adoption of smart technology that facilitates today’s building management and future-proofs buildings for tomorrow’s developments.PoE networks are becoming a mechanism to improve overall building efficiencies and maximize energy savings in new construction or remodel projects.

  • Why use PoE Lighting

PoE lighting reduces 70% material, power,labor and maintenance.

  • Advantages of PoE

The primary advantage of power over ethernet is the delivery of data and power over one Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cable. Remote installation generally costs less than optical fiber and does not require a qualified electrician, saving building owners valuable time and labor costs.

  • Top PoE benefits include:

◆ Further Cost Savings

◆ Easy, Low-Voltage Installation

◆ Helps future-proof buildings

◆ Enhanced Flexibility and Control

◆ Enables software control integration

◆ Social Benefits

◆ Robust, Secure and Reliable

  • PoE Lighting Dimming

PoE lighting and other smart building technology can provide further benefits to a building’s occupants by optimizing lighting levels,balancing light colors and enhancing safety.

PoE systems offering unique and innovative smart building solutions.It have a white-tunable environment means that the lights are adjustable on a scale of warm, neutral, and cool lighting. Using the right balance of warm and cool lighting can help boost productivity, optimize shopping environments, enhance learning environments, and improve patient outcomes in healthcare facilities.

PoE can also accommodate RGB+W and tunable white controls, incorporate exit and emergency lighting systems, and address both small and large scale projects.

  • Liteharbor PoE Products
Architectural  linear lighting

Pendant Light

Commercial downlight

Commercial Downlight

fire-rated panel light
Fire Rated Panel Light

More PoE products are coming……

  • Where is PoE being used?

• Offices


•Education Facilities

•Public Facilities


•Shopping Malls (Retail)

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