4″ Fire Rated 3CCT LED Slim Panel Light with POE Solution-Liteharbor New Products Launch
4″ Fire Rated 3CCT LED Slim Panel Light with POE Solution-Liteharbor New Products Launch

Liteharbor Mars Light series there flat design and concave lens design creates muted illumination to enhance residential or commercial spaces without sacrificing brightness.With 2 Hour Fire Resistance to meet and exceed strict fire safety codes with only 1/2” clearance, this ultra thin recessed LED Panel is absolutely perfect for tight spaces, soffits and insulated and dropped ceilings. This LED is 9 watts and replaces a 45 watt halogen Save up to 80% energy for same light output.The thin Panel profile with spring clips allows for quick and easy installation. Ideal for confined spaces and suitable for damp locations.


Liteharbor’s Mars Light series with single/double ethernet interface“One in” or “One in One out”design. It’s provides  Cat 6/Cat 7/Cat 8 Ethernet Cable with UL Listed.PoE technology sends 10/45 Gbps of data and 30W, 60W up to 90W of power budget to devices over Cat7 and Cat8 Ethernet cables for a maximum distance of 100m.

AttributeCat 6Cat 7Cat 8
Frequency250 MHz600MHz2000MHz
Transmission speed1Gbps/10 Gbps10 Gbps25 Gbps/40 Gbps
Number of Connectors in Channel442
Cable ConstructionUTP or ShieldedShieldedShielded
Connector TypeRJ45RJ45RJ45


● PoE scheme or LED quick connector provided.

● Available in all 4″ round openings.

● Retrofit or New Construction.

● 1/2″ Thin – Install Directly Under Joists, Maximum Layout Flexibility.

● Robust, durable and lightweight.


● hospitality

● Retail

● Kitchens

● hotels

● Museum

● 3CCT range changeablen,3000K, 4000K and5000K , convenient inventory and cost savings.

● No Flickering, noise or RF interference

● Easy to install to suspended ceiling grids

● No UV, IR or Mercury

● Anti-glare

● indoor / outdoor residential

● offices

● Commercial

● shopping mall stores

More new products coming soon

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