Retail Lighting
Retail Lighting

In our daily business operations, we have to assume our environmental responsibility and use resources as efficiently as possible. Optimizing energy consumption is a top priority in lighting solutions for the retail industry.

When setting up your retail store,how to best display your products, where certain products should go, how the general layout of your store should look, and much more.
But what about lighting design? While lighting may be an afterthought for many retailers who are just starting out, retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance. This basic utility can also impact your sales and customer experience.

Retail Lighitng

Sale posters and coupons aren’t the only ways to make sales. You can use lights to your advantage, too. LED retail lighting can be used to create an environment that makes shoppers feel welcome and caters to their needs and expectations. Use LED store lighting to draw people in, to keep them focused, to guide them throughout your store, and to save money. There are so many ways that the right lighting can be beneficial to customer satisfaction and sales.

To decide what kind of atmosphere you want your lighting to create, think about how you want customers to feel when they walk in your store. Warm, soft lighting can make people feel relaxed and comfortable, while brighter lighting helps customers see products more clearly

Shop Lighting

Practice has proven that in-store lighting can actually help guide customers through your store, and increase the average spend per customer: “There is a real case that a fashion retailer in Germany saw its sales go up by around 12% compared to another local store, after it installed a new lighting scheme specially designed to appeal to the personality profile of its target customers.” The products are highlighted with bright spotlights. This lighting strategy places a visual emphasis on product’s iconic and draws customers immediately to shelves. 

 So, how can you leverage your lighting design to bolster your bottom line? Let’s take a look at how you can create a lighting strategy that will work for your store and your products. 

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