The importance of Architectural Lighting!
The importance of Architectural Lighting!

Architectural lighting works to foster the spatial experience. Lighting can influence mood, texture, spatial awareness and “exaggerate certain architectural features, provide intimacy, et cetera .”

“We often look for fixtures that can do the job of illuminating the space without becoming the headliner, [so that lighting doesn’t] overwhelm what else is going on in the room,” . “It [architectural lighting] has to perform in collaboration with the architecture. They can never be at odds aesthetically — they have to complement each other.”

This is what differentiates architectural from general lighting.

The architectural lighting market is increasing rapidly. Just nearby Newbury Park office are the recently built West Hollywood hotels utilizing architectural lighting design throughout (with linear strips, downlights, decorative wall sconces, and illuminated bar and dining area spaces. Apart from high-end hotels, many new commercial and residential developments are incorporating complex lightning design in their architectural and interior design plans, in order to attract customers or residents to newly renovated and developed spaces. Check out the lighting specification.  


Power20W / 35W
Lumen3000/2500 LM
Power factorPF>0.98
Beam angle60°, 90° optional
DimmableNONE/0 ~ 10v dimming

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